How to deal with a WordPress hack (For non-techies)

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To your average WordPress user, it seems odd that anyone would want to hack a small blog or business website. After all, how could they possibly benefit from hijacking your business? Sadly, WordPress hacks do happen, and surprisingly, small to medium sized businesses are bigger targets than you might think. Here’s a statistic that might surprise you: according to Symantec, 60% … Read More

Macs can get Viruses and Malware – It’s time to get serious about security

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Ah yes, Macs. They’re practically synonymous with the modern digital Entrepreneur. Those that love them adore them, and PC die-hards often despise them, but whichever camp you’re in there’s no denying their staggering growth as market share continues to climb. Apple has long poked fun at the PC market for their vulnerability to virus and malware security threats while marketing Mac security as superior. … Read More

Online & WordPress Security for Coffee Shop (Public Wi-Fi) Workers

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It’s a well-known fact that many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers love working in coffee shops. For many (including me) they provide a break from the home office with just enough mild ambient noise to encourage creativity. For others, they are the essential mutual ground for meeting potential clients in the absence of a formal office space. In fact, coffee … Read More

Recommended WordPress Security and Maintenance Tools

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We’re regularly asked what tools and plugins we use for WordPress security and maintenance. In this post, we reveal a number of plugins and tools we use to keep our clients safe online, and save them time in the process. WordPress Security iThemes Security We use iThemes Security as part of a multi-layered security package for our clients. It’s also ideal … Read More

Ten signs it’s time to outsource your WordPress maintenance

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As busy professionals, we often find ourselves taking on more tasks than we have hours in the day to complete. This trait is particularly common in entrepreneurs, who are commonly guilty of continuing to perform tasks that could be outsourced or performed by others. It’s understandable, after all, your adaptability and strong work ethic is likely what makes you successful … Read More

How to Secure Your Site with iThemes, Part 1

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Global Settings, 404 Detection, Away Mode, & Bans Securing your site is no easy task, it requires an understanding of web protocols and how users exploit them. While this information is ever evolving, the fundamentals remain the same. Through this multi-part series, you’ll begin to understand how some of these protocols interact, how to set up iThemes Security Pro, and … Read More

The three pillars of WordPress website security

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An excellent WordPress security strategy goes deeper than simply locking down entry to prevent malicious attackers from breaking in. When considering a complete security solution for your WordPress site, there are three main pillars to consider. In this article, we’ll dig into each element respectively. 1 Protection Let’s start with the basics. Locking down a website to keep it safe is … Read More

Best WordPress Security Plugins

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There’s no doubt WordPress is a hugely powerful and successful tool for developers and business owners. This once humble blogging platform has grown so popular that it now powers over 20% of the web – that’s a huge number of websites! In part, WordPress became so successful due to its solid framework and open source design, which resulted in countless additional plugins … Read More

Uncoded Announces WordPress Maintenance Service

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Uncoded, a new startup from Vancouver and London, have announced their new WordPress Maintenance service. The new service will help busy entrepreneurs and web developers maintain, secure, and backup their WordPress website. “WordPress is a fantastic user-friendly platform that now powers over 20% of the web,” comments co-founder Ryan Ponto. “There’s no doubt the power and flexibility of WordPress make … Read More

Change your default WordPress login URL (without code)

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One of the easiest and most significant changes you can make to bolster your websites security is to edit the default URL used to login to WordPress. By default, WordPress’ default login will look a little something like this: Look familiar? Great as WordPress is, the widespread knowledge of this default setting can leave your website vulnerable to attack. It … Read More